Wood Pellet Bulk Delivery: Like Oil, Only Better!

Are you tempted by the idea of wood pellet heat, but are put off by the vision of bags upon bags of pellets that need to be stacked, carried, and dumped? And then you’re left with an empty bag that needs to be tossed in the trash. That doesn’t feel super environmentally friendly, does it?


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The reality is a very different picture. Yes, there are still many people who get one-ton pallets of bagged pellets delivered to their home, and there are still those who purchase individual 40-pound bags of pellets at their local store. But other people rely on bulk pellet delivery—an easy, clean way to receive your heating pellets without all the hassle. No empty bags to dispose of, less waste from pellet loss, and no sore muscles from moving those 40-pound bags around.  


If you get your pellets delivered in bulk, you'll notice your pellet delivery truck just about as much as you notice your oil delivery guy—meaning, not at all.


All heating systems have a furnace or a boiler and stored fuel. It’s the same with modern pellet heating systems—you’ll have your boiler and a storage unit situated either in your basement or outside. Storage units come in several different shapes, sizes, and materials—there is one available to fit your home and your needs. For example, if you have an 8-by-8-foot space in your basement, you can hold 9 tons of pellet fuel—that means you might need only one delivery a year! Even if you opt for less storage, you’ll still only have to receive deliveries 2 to 4 times a year. In other words, a smaller unit will likely put you on the same delivery schedule that most people have with oil or propane, and the footprint for your storage system is pretty much the same.


wood pellet bullk delivery


When you get a pellet delivery, the pellets are blown into your storage unit from the delivery truck through a permanently installed pipe that runs from an outside wall to the unit. That means no lifting or lugging, and certainly no mess, Just a fresh, piney scent in your basement afterwards.


Check out this video showing bulk pellet delivery!


What about getting the pellets from the storage unit to the boiler? Vacuum tubes connect the storage unit to your boiler, automatically conveying the pellets whenever the boiler gets low. No lugging bags and dumping pellets while trying not to breathe in the dust.


Wood pellet heat is an easy, local, environmentally sound option when considering what fuel to use in the coming years. And the price of wood pellets is stable—no watching the world’s political theater, wondering what it will do to oil prices.


Even if you don't have a modern pellet heating system and aren't ready to upgrade, there are still wood pellet bulk delivery solutions that could work for you. Give us a call about wood pellet storage bin options that can hold the pellets you need for your pellet stove so you too can enjoy the simplicity and convenience of bulk delivery. 


Wood pellets—as easy as oil, and way better. 



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