When Your Heating System Works with You: Remote Monitoring

High efficiency wood pellet systems from MESys are incredibly reliable, but they have an extra layer of security built in that your typical gas or propane burner doesn't have: a remote monitoring system.




“We really don't get many calls for service—these are very reliable systems, so there's not a lot of need for us to come out and fix anything,” says Morty Bailey, founder and president of Lyme Green Heat. “However, if something does go wrong, it's nice to know that you don't have to wake up to a cold house to realize it.”


The remote monitoring system is a standard part of any MESys appliance. If something goes wrong, or is in danger of going wrong, the systems sends alert emails to whatever addresses have been indicated. “One alert we sometimes see is an indication that the ash box is filling up,” says Morty. “For example, I might get an email that Tullando Farm in Orford has an ash box that's almost full and needs emptying,” says Morty. “That's a big dairy farm, very busy, so if I see that notification, I'll drop a text to Nate or give him a call just to make sure he knows about it and is taking care of it. It's an added tool for staying in touch with our customers.”


Another notification customers appreciate is the one that lets them know the hopper is getting low. This takes all the guessing out of wood pellet delivery—which is a good thing! “It's a way to stay ahead of things,” says Morty. “We avoid having to make emergency deliveries, which are usually less convenient for both us and the customer.”


Other issues include low water in a boiler, which could mean a leak, or an ignition fault.


The great thing about pellet burners is that there are no dangerous substances that clients have to make sure to avoid. This means, they might be able to fix problems themselves, especially if a LGH technician is talking them through it on the phone. “We don't do this very often, but it's not like oil and gas where it's a danger to put your hands near it. Sometimes, there might be situations where we can have the homeowner standing in front of the system and answering our questions, so we can identify the problem before going into the field.”


The remote monitoring system is an extra connection between the system, the homeowner, and the technicians. It’s one more way your wood pellet system works hard to keep you warm, comfortable, and reassured.


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