Vermont Granite Manufacturer Stays Warm with Modern Wood Pellet Heat

In Barre, Vermont, Granite Industries, has been crafting fine granite and marble memorials for more than 100 years. Their factory is a large building with two wings, and it’s never been an easy place to heat. But with Lyme Green Heat’s help, they now have a reliable modern wood pellet heating system that keeps their building warm while needing very little maintenance—a perfect combination.


modern wood pellet heating system


Granite Industries previously used four oil burners and one hot air furnace with a pellet conversion burner. They liked the idea of minimizing their impact on the environment by burning pellets, but they weren’t happy with the performance of the existing pellet system.  


“It started to seem like every time I turned around, I’d have to fix something or clean something so the system would work again,” says Louis Scott, manager at Granite Industries. “We kept burning out the firebox and it just didn’t make enough heat.” Scott knew they had to make a change, but he wasn’t yet sure what that change would look like.


Luckily, Granite Industries had their pellets delivered by Lyme Green Heat, and one day, Morton Bailey, founder and president of LGH, let Scott know that not all pellet heating systems were alike. “I explained that the appliances we sell are very reliable, practically maintenance free,” says Morty.


Scott liked the sound of that, and eventually Granite Industries installed two 56kW MeSYS AutoPellet boilers with nine tons of storage for each boiler. In conjunction with new air handlers and a ductwork distribution system, designed by Lyme Green Heat, specific areas of the building were effectively targeted for increased employee comfort. These boilers replaced the unreliable pellet system and two of the oil burners.


pellet heating system


“We’re very happy,” says Scott. “Ours is an L-shaped building with two wings that are about 80 feet wide and 250 feet long, and now we’re finally warm enough. On very cold days, we supplement the MeSys pellet systems with oil burners that are positioned at the far ends of the wings, but other than that, we’re purely pellet.”


Granite Industries was intent on relieving the stress of having their heating systems break down on a nearly daily basis, and they also wanted to continue to use energy in a way that wasn’t detrimental to the environment. Now they can feel good about the amount of heat they have, the amount of upkeep they don’t have to do, and the minimal impact on the environment.


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