Don't Let Your Extra Hot Air Go To Waste: Use a Heat Pump Water Heater

When was the last time you thought much about your water heater? You know, that tank that sits in your basement and provides water for showers, cooking, washing dishes, and laundry?


Maine Energy Systems and Lyme Green Heat

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about where your wood pellets come from, New England Wood Pellet in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. What about the wood burner or furnace that we install in your basement? Where does that come from?


Wood Pellets and Solar Energy: A Match Made in Environmental Heaven

Jan 24, 2017 | Renewable, Wood Pellets

We all want to do right by the environment. Some of us ride a bike to work whenever it’s not snowing too hard. Others only buy food from local sources. Plenty of us go shopping with reusable grocery bags. Still others install solar panels on...

Furnaces and Boilers: What is the Difference?

Jan 11, 2017 | Wood Pellet Heat, Wood Pellets

When we talk about modern, high-efficiency pellet heating systems, we are talking about both boilers and furnaces. Which is the best for your home?


Meet Our Happy Pellet Heating Customers: The Mahikoas

Michelle Mahikoa was not on board when her husband brought up the idea of replacing their woodstove with a pellet boiler, but now, in the midst of their second winter with pellet heat, she says, “It’s the best decision we ever made!”



Wood Pellets in Schools: The Next Generation Chooses Renewable Energy

Nov 03, 2016 | biomass, Wood Pellets, Pellet heat

Schools in New Hampshire and Vermont are choosing to heat with wood pellets, putting these institutions right at the front line of the renewable energy revolution!



Maine Energy Systems introduces wood pellet hot air furnace

Maine Energy Systems introduces wood pellet hot air furnace

By Maine Energy Systems | October 28, 2015 PHOTO: Maine Energy Systems

Putting Pellets Away

Putting Pellets Away

Meeting thermal needs with biomass requires system designers to consider a storage solution that works for the customer, the site and the delivery company. By Tim Portz | August 21, 2015

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