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Wonder what it's like to have modern wood pellet heating system in your home? Sometimes, a video is worth a thousand words. Take a look!


The Pellet Box: Make Heating with a Pellet Stove Even Easier

Many people have made the switch to pellet heat, but they're still feeding a pellet stove with bags and bags of wood pellets that have to be stacked, lugged, and poured. What if there was a better way?


What Does Modern Wood Pellet Heat Look Like?

When you think of pellet heat, do you still picture a squat stove in the middle of your living room, burning away the pellets that you have to feed into it every few hours? This is the image many people have when they think of wood pellets: a...

Putting Pellets Away

Putting Pellets Away

Meeting thermal needs with biomass requires system designers to consider a storage solution that works for the customer, the site and the delivery company. By Tim Portz | August 21, 2015

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