The Beecher Family: Saying "Yes!" to Renewable Energy

Feb 21, 2017 | Environment, Renewable energy

When Ned Beecher and his wife had a highly efficient wood pellet furnace installed in their house in the village of Tamworth, New Hampshire, they were thrilled to find a heating solution that was beneficial to the environment and helped support...

Maine Energy Systems and Lyme Green Heat

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about where your wood pellets come from, New England Wood Pellet in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. What about the wood burner or furnace that we install in your basement? Where does that come from?


Need financing for your new wood pellet heating system? We can help!

We understand that buying a new wood pellet boiler or furnace is not an inexpensive decision to take lightly.


The Wood Pellet Carbon Cycle: The Benefits of Biomass Energy

Here at Lyme Green Heat, we’ve heard concerns about the carbon cycle and speculation that burning wood pellets releases more carbon into the air than burning oil. Let’s explore the truth.



Is Pellet Heat Good for the Environment?

We all want to be responsible stewards of the Earth. Some of the ways we do this include eating locally sourced food and paying attention to activities that affect our carbon footprints, such as what we use to heat our homes.

Find Out How!


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