Vermont Granite Manufacturer Stays Warm with Modern Wood Pellet Heat

In Barre, Vermont, Granite Industries, has been crafting fine granite and marble memorials for more than 100 years. Their factory is a large building with two wings, and it’s never been an easy place to heat. But with Lyme Green Heat’s help, they...

Wood Pellet Bulk Delivery: Like Oil, Only Better!

Are you tempted by the idea of wood pellet heat, but are put off by the vision of bags upon bags of pellets that need to be stacked, carried, and dumped? And then you’re left with an empty bag that needs to be tossed in the trash. That doesn’t...

Readying Your Home for Aging-in-Place: Don't Forget Your Heating System!

Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? Does the home you live in now fit into your plans for the future?

Wood Pellets in Schools: The Next Generation Chooses Renewable Energy

Nov 03, 2016 | biomass, Wood Pellets, Pellet heat

Schools in New Hampshire and Vermont are choosing to heat with wood pellets, putting these institutions right at the front line of the renewable energy revolution!



3 Ways Pellet Heat Can Change Your Life

For many people, there is something romantic about heating with wood. Perhaps you gain a sense of self-sufficiency and the knowledge that you are part of a long tradition, not to mention that you’re being a good global citizen by not burning...

It Pays Off: 5 Reasons to Invest in Pellet Heat

Making the switch from fossil fuel to pellet heat can feel like a big leap, but it’s a switch that pays off—literally. Here are 5 major reasons to invest in pellet heat.

4 Myths of Modern Pellet Heat

Aug 30, 2016 | biomass, Pellet heat
With all of the recent talk about biomass in the news, we are again hearing lots of reasons why we shouldn't be burning wood pellet. Some of these reasons are just not true. Perhaps it’s time to look again at some common misconceptions.

Eat Local, Heat Local: Locally Sourced Pellet Heat Can Save the Earth

Do you know where that tomato you're eating comes from? Ask that questions of thousands of people around Northern New England and they’ll give you the answer in detail. Locavore movements in New England and nationwide have changed the face of...

Volkswagen Scandal and Wood Heat Technology

The Volkswagen scandal should be a wake-up call to everyone who makes appliances that have to be tested for emissions and efficiency.

Putting Pellets Away

Putting Pellets Away

Meeting thermal needs with biomass requires system designers to consider a storage solution that works for the customer, the site and the delivery company. By Tim Portz | August 21, 2015

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