Wood Pellets in Schools: The Next Generation Chooses Renewable Energy

Nov 03, 2016 | biomass, Wood Pellets, Pellet heat

Schools in New Hampshire and Vermont are choosing to heat with wood pellets, putting these institutions right at the front line of the renewable energy revolution!



4 Myths of Modern Pellet Heat

Aug 30, 2016 | biomass, Pellet heat
With all of the recent talk about biomass in the news, we are again hearing lots of reasons why we shouldn't be burning wood pellet. Some of these reasons are just not true. Perhaps it’s time to look again at some common misconceptions.

Putting Pellets Away

Putting Pellets Away

Meeting thermal needs with biomass requires system designers to consider a storage solution that works for the customer, the site and the delivery company. By Tim Portz | August 21, 2015

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