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We’ve talked a lot on this blog about where your wood pellets come from, New England Wood Pellet in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. What about the wood burner or furnace that we install in your basement? Where does that come from?



When we arrive to install a wood pellet boiler or furnace in your house, we’ll be carrying a high-efficiency pellet heating system assembled by Maine Energy Systems (MESys), located in Bethel, Maine. MESys has been on the front lines on the renewable energy revolution since 2007, when a group of concerned citizens thought long and hard and came to a very conscious decision about the best way to bring renewable energy to the Northeast—start a biomass energy company!


In 2007, MESys acquired the licensed boiler design from OkoFEN, the world’s leader in automatic wood pellet boiler design and technology since 1997. OkoFEN is located in Austria and supplies appliances throughout Europe, with an impressive 60,000 installed systems. MESys ships parts from OkoFEN to their manufacturing facility in Maine, where the appliances sold by Lyme Green Heat are put together.


“We chose OkoFEN because we share their passion for efficiency, reliability, and aggressive development,” says Dutch Dresser, founding director of MESys.


“I first saw the OkoFEN boilers at a trade show in Germany,” says Morty Bailey, founder and president of LGH. “I was impressed by the fully integrated solutions this boiler offered customers who wanted to heat with biomass, but who liked the convenience offered by fossil fuel heating systems. After OkoFEN arranged to import the boilers to the United States with MESys, I began selling and installing them. After five years of installing and servicing them, I still have confidence in their reliability and efficiency. To this day, OkoFEN and MESys remain Lyme Green Heat’s choice to offer our customers a high-efficiency central heating system. The fact that they are assembled in Maine is just a bonus to our customers looking to heat local and support our regional economy.”


With MESys, you get the best of both worlds. A local company offering technology that has a long and highly successful track record in a region where far more homes and businesses rely on wood pellet heat.


“Our goals are to foster energy independence and support regional economic development through increased use of densified wood, sustainably harvested, as a heating fuel for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings,” says Dresser. “Through such increased use, greenhouse gas reduction will benefit us all.”


Making renewable energy a smart choice for New England is one of the goals of Lyme Green Heat, too. Not only are we helping reduce greenhouse gases and heal the environment, we’re strengthening the local economy.


Dresser explains that the effort to get people to make the healthy, economically sound switch to biomass is a shared one. “Distributors of both pellet burning appliances and pellets are critical to the densified biomass heating market development. The installing contractors are the salesforce to the marketplace, and bulk pellet distributors enable the market. Expert, trusted technicians like Morty are the key to the success of this entire project.” 


LGH has installed 82 systems from MESys since the relationship began in 2011. We are a Diamond Dealer, which means during one Diamond Dealer Certificate 2016.jpgcalendar year, we were the highest performing sales group for MESys.


Here at Lyme Green Heat, we believe in working together to make the world a healthier place and we’re proud to be on the same team as MESys.





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