Local First!

Here at Lyme Green Heat, we’re proud to be a local company putting your money to work for our local economy.




That’s one reason we belong to the Local First Alliance, which is part of Vital Communities. Local First is a collection of local businesses that support each other and the local movement, which helps maintain a healthy economy in the region we call home.


Not only do businesses benefit when dollars are kept in the community, but nonprofit organizations, youth sports teams, music groups, and other community agencies benefit as well. Local businesses tend to donate both financial and practical support to organizations like these, because we see ourselves as part of this thriving community network.


Lyme Green Heat is a fundamentally local company. Our employees are active in the communities where we live and work, our clients’ money stays here to support our region, and we help people heat with a fuel that is both local and renewable. We understand that without our friends and neighbors that we wave to on our delivery rounds, and without the relationship we have with New England Wood Pellet, where the pellets we sell are produced, our business wouldn’t be nearly as profitable or as satisfying to our hearts and souls.


Are you a local business interested in joining the Local First Alliance? How about joining Lyme Green Heat at a mixer on Thursday, November 10, 5-7 p.m. at the Co-Op Food Store in Lebanon, New Hampshire? See you there!




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