Is Pellet Heat Good for the Environment?

We all want to be responsible stewards of the Earth. Some of the ways we do this include eating locally sourced food and paying attention to activities that affect our carbon footprints, such as what we use to heat our homes.



When most people think about alternative energies, solar is the first thing to pop into their minds. And solar power is great—harnessing energy from the sun to serve our energy needs without using nonrenewable resources is a smart thing to do. But solar is not the only great renewable alternative energy available to the residents of New England. Wood pellet heat is a great renewable and sustainable alternative.


Think about the term “renewable.” Trees are inherently renewable. In New England, part of healthy forest management is planning and planting for the growth of our forests in sustainable ways. The wood pellets of tomorrow are being started today to ensure a continuing supply that we don't have to be concerned will run out. 


Think about the term “sustainable.” Wood pellet fuels made from sustainably produced biomass can play a major role in reducing demand for fossil heating fuels. Our region has the opportunity to develop this renewable resource as a significant contributor to meeting regional energy demands, thereby strengthening our economy and positioning the northeast as a national leader in sustainable, low-carbon, clean energy.


To heat local, you need heating fuel that comes from a local source. Here at Lyme Green Heat, the wood pellets that we deliver to your home are locally sourced. They are manufactured by New England Wood Pellet in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. New England Wood Pellet uses materials obtained in the northeast that mostly represent a blend of the diversity of tree species found in our region, generally a 90 percent hardwood / 10 percent softwood composition. Your pellets travel very little from the forest to your pellet heating system.


Not only is the wood source local to northern New England, but the manufacturing and jobs associated with it are also local. Heating with pellets is good for both the environment and the local New England economy.


Eating local has become a common refrain among those who want to be responsible consumers by supporting farmers, conserving energy, and protecting the natural landscape. By adding heating local to your efforts, you can support landowners, meet your energy needs locally, and protect our natural landscape and resources.


We want to make it easy for you to consider pellet heat for your environmentally friendly heating needs! Check out our information page on pellet heat rebates available in New Hampshire and Vermont.


Learn more about the locally sourced wood pellets we deliver:


“About Us, Our Beliefs” from New England Wood Pellet 


“For Consumers, Questions & Answers” from New England Wood Pellet 






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